Meet Christine

To begin, thank you for visiting my site. Whatever your reason for visiting, I hope that you can find all answers in its content. If not, please feel free to visit my contact page to send an inquiry!

I must also begin with the statement that “life is merely a journey.”

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There is nothing like a space to share your thoughts, worries, fears, or to celebrate the many blessings of life. Here, I’ll keep my readers updated on what’s happening in my personal journey with the hope that you could gain insight or simply be entertained. Regardless, welcome to my world. Take a seat.

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Healed Women Don’t Cry 

Many women hide the scars of childhood abuse or rape behind prospering careers, a well-kept exterior, or even under the guise of deeply rooted spirituality; yet in the absence of others, she is lonely, confused, depressed, empty, and consistently fights off tears that have possibly been shed since childhood. Healed Women Don’t Cry is for

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